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There are so many benefits for local businesses to start using YouTube Ads for their business.  It’s way more cost effective than traditional television advertising.  Data tracking and targeting is also non-existent with television.  However, with YouTube, you get close to real time tracking, and there’s a ton of analytics to make sure your campaigns are effective. You also only pay for clicks and not just impressions or views.

When you think of YouTube ads, you probably think about watching highly-produced mini commercials from big-budget advertisers before moving on to the video you wanted to view.  However, it’s now become easier than ever for all sizes of businesses to advertise on YouTube.  In the last 2 years, the number of small & mid-size local businesses advertising on YouTube has doubled.

Reasons Why YouTube Advertising Makes Sense For Your Business

  • Your Target Audience Is Watching YouTube: YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world.  One billion videos are watched daily, meaning your audience is on the platform either on mobile or desktops regularly.​  In addition, YouTube reaches more viewers 18-49 watching on mobile devices than any TV network.

  • Targeting Your Audience:  YouTube's targeting capabilities allows you to narrow your intended audience by geographic location, life events, interests, demographics, and more.  This means you're not showing your ads to everyone unlike traditional TV ads.

  • Cost Effective Video Advertising:  With YouTube advertising, you only pay when someone watches your ad.  If someone leaves YouTube before watching 6 seconds, or the first 30 seconds (if it’s a longer ad), you’re not paying for that view.  Unlike TV ads, where you’re paying a fixed amount no matter how many people see your ad.

  • Drive Brand Awareness:  YouTube advertising is a vehicle for brand awareness and consideration.

  • YouTube Analytics:  With YouTube, you can find out more about the people who watch your videos.  This allows you to tailor your creative and promotional strategies more effectively.

If you are currently running a local broadcast or cable TV ad campaign, you can start a healthy YouTube Ads campaign with the cost of just a few spots from your traditional TV ad schedule...Give it a try!​



Marketing Strategy

YouTube  Ads

Beginners Package

1 Video :15 sec. or :30 Sec. with Voice Over

4-Week YouTube Local Ad Campaign (You can select by Cities, Zones, or Zip Codes)

Campaign Management includes Setup & YouTube Analytics


Advanced Package

3 Videos :15 sec. :30 sec. & :60 sec. with Voice Over

4-Week YouTube Local Ad Campaign (You can select by Cities, Zones, or Zip Codes)

Campaign Management includes Setup & YouTube Analytics



Already have a TV or video ad?  Start a campaign for as low as $750


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