Money Saving Digital Marketing Tactics

One of the most difficult things that small businesses run into when it comes to marketing is how to compete against larger businesses and giants that are pouring money into more traditional methods of marketing. Digital marketing is an excellent alternative to traditional marketing methods that some small business owners aren’t taking advantage of.

Marketing budgets can be a tricky avenue for small businesses. But digital marketing is an affordable way for your business to take on your competition on an even playing field. To help you out, we’ve put together a small list of digital marketing tactics that can save your business money.

Social media has become a major part of our lives. It permeates through every fiber of our culture. We use it every day for various reasons, it shows up on the media we consume, and more. Naturally, this has led to businesses becoming involved with social media. Its power to reach a world-wide audience and levels of engagement make it appealing for businesses to grow their exposure using social media.

Having a well-rounded social media presence actually helps your search engine ranking. When you post high-quality content consistently, you give search engines more opportunities to put your page in front of people who are searching for topics in your niche.

The power that social media has on users is something that should be discussed and not underestimated. In fact, according to a study conducted last year by sprout social says that, “The platform also appeals to social marketers as an advertising platform with 70% of them choosing Facebook ads as the most useful for achieving their goals.” Furthermore, “Social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases with 37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through the channel.” The influence that social media has over users makes it a potential avenue of advertising that you can’t ignore at this point in the world we live in.

Blogs are becoming a more frequent tool that businesses and marketers are starting to take advantage of. They can be a very easy and cheap way to market your business. Blogging lets your audience discover things about your brand, industry, services, etc. for free. These discoveries lead to your customers educating themselves and gives them the power to reach out because of the value and insight that you provided them.

The more your potential customers can get from you for free, the more loyal they will be when they become customers. Furthermore, by blogging regularly, you give the search engines a wide variety of new content in which to help aide in showing you higher in the results page. This can drastically increase the chances of ranking higher on the various search engine platforms.

Email marketing is a fantastic option to have an affordable and effective method to digitally advertise your business. Make sure that your emails, newsletters, and whatever else you choose to use in your campaigns are interesting, engaging, and entertaining. Also, try to make these emails as personable as you can make them.

With personalization comes a stronger chance that your target customers will open and engage with your emails. The less it looks like a mass email that was sent to scores of people and more like a highly specific and catered email, the better. Doing this will help to grab the attention of your target customers, which means that you can expect more people to actually read your email content rather than deleting it.

Digital marketing offers so many methods that are cost-effective and affordable for small business to take advantage of. These are just some of the easy and cheap methods you can start to take advantage of in order to market your business without bleeding your budget completely.



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