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If you are currently running a Google Ads campaign and it redirects you to your web site home page, then you are losing dollars quickly! This is one of the biggest mistakes people make with Google Ads. Even if your home page looks great, you don't want to take people directly there. A landing page should be created to match the ad copy they clicked.

Here are 5 key steps to creating a successful Google Ads campaign landing page.

1. Make Sure Your Message Matches The Ad

An effective Google Ads campaign includes a very close "message match" between the ad copy, keywords, and the landing page. Your headline and sub-line in your ad should correlate directly on your landing page. The remainder of the page expands on the core message of the ad.

This matching message allows your visitors to see exactly what they were expecting to see when they clicked the ad. Google then rates your landing page with a quality score. The quality score can reflect on these factors:

  • How often your ads show

  • Page positioning

  • How much your clicks will cost

A low quality score can affect all of these areas of your Ads campaign.

2. Keywords

To receive a high quality relevance score, the main keywords you are bidding on should appear in both your ad copy and the landing page. By using a variety of relevant keywords, Google will award you with higher quality scores for having a well-produced, authoritative landing page.

3. Make It Different and Better Than The Competition

Google Ads visitors will click on several ads, quickly scan the landing page, and compare them before selecting the to continue with. Make sure you help your prospects understand how and why your business is different from and better than the others. By conveying this message up front in the headline, this will engage and keep them on your website longer. If a Google Ads landing page doesn't stand out or relate to the ad copy, visitors will be quick to abandon the page.

4. Call To Action

Make sure to place a high contrasting button with a very clear call to action that is desirable for the visitors. This can come as a contact form submission. Website visitors who have a hard time finding this call to action may become discouraged and leave. By adding this important step, it will increase engagement.

5. Additional Items to Include

A few other extras that can be added to the landing page to help make it effective can include these items.

Enhancing Images - Include descriptive photographs that relate to your offer. This will help your conversions at a higher rate.

Bullet Points - Highlight the important parts of your offer.

Trust Factors - Include elements that convince them of your business quality such as having testimonials, social media links, reviews, and certifications.

Call Tracking - One of the services we use to track the success of the landing page is issuing a call tracking phone number that redirects the caller to your main number. There are several companies that offer this service. It is a great way to track the effectiveness of the campaign.

All of the elements and steps listed above will ensure a successful pay-per-click Google Ads campaign. This includes the ad copy setup, the keywords, and the design and look of the landing page. I hope that this helped to give you some tips so you can effectively utilize your landing pages.



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