Have Questions About Your Homepage?

Headaches can be so annoying, can’t they? Especially the ones that come from trying to understand the difference between two separate things. Trying to wrap your mind around the variances between them, just to have your mind crack. Without a doubt one of those headaches is the difference between a landing page and a homepage.

Have you ever had to ask that question before? You may have your online marketing campaign in full swing and everything is as smooth as silk. But now you need somewhere to direct all the new customers. Where should they go exactly? Some of you may think that the homepage of your website will do just fine.

Well, not exactly, although landing pages might seem almost identical to a regular homepage, there are some key differences that make them important to your digital marketing campaign. The goals and purposes of landing pages and home pages are different. So, you must keep that in mind and optimize both for their purposes.

One of the key differences between landing pages and homepages is the audience. It may seem like an obvious thing to say, but understanding this fundamental aspect is the first step to optimizing your pages so you get the best conversions for your business. Put simply, a landing page is a page that someone lands on after clicking one of your ads.

With landing pages, you already know that this specific person is looking for the type of service or product your business provides. They are less likely than organic traffic to be simply exploring your site, so your landing pages should only show them the information and content they are going to need to push them to converting.

Homepages are specifically designed to showcase your whole website, various links and so on and so on. The homepage is there for people organically searching for services or products like your business to navigate through and discover what you’re all about. That’s why all homepages have a navigation bar that includes things such as home, about, contact, etc.

There may be various links to ads or your blog page. You need all these links to help your visitors get to where they need to go or interact with your site in the way you want. Landing pages, again, are there purely to convert traffic. Landing pages typically don’t have links in them. Their designed to just advertise and convert.

While there may be some overlap in the content of landing pages and homepages, there are still some differences you should keep in mind when creating content for the two pages. A landing page should purely convey the promotions, offerings, products, or services that you are trying to make customers aware of. Since you know which ads brought them to the landing page, it should match the ad as well.

The final difference between a landing page and a homepage is the call-to-action. Landing pages are action oriented. You are trying to convert using promotions and things of that nature, plus a call-to-action that encourages potential customers to convert. It should ideally be straightforward and simple. Some great examples of this are “call now for 10% off” or “Get started with a free consultation”. Homepages should just be navigational, informational, and just be used a resource.

This should clear things up. A clearer understanding of these fundamental and key differences will allow you to tailor each page to the best level they can be. With this, your potential customers have all the incentive to convert and learn all about your business. As a result, your business continues to grow and flourish.



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