Don’t Forget Your Landing Pages

Having a good landing page can make all the difference when trying to convert customers to your business. The one job of a landing page is to take web traffic from the ads that you are running and convert them to customers for your business. So, if you’ve tried this and haven’t seen the best results, it could be due to the quality of your landing page. Most businesses fail to get conversions because either they don’t have a landing page or if they do, it isn’t designed to do its job well.

Always remember that the only function of a landing page is to convert traffic. One of the best ways to create an effective landing page is for the page to reflect the current campaign ad that directed the traffic to the landing page. That way, your landing page is a great match for the expectations you set with your ads. Just because you have the best designed page or the best fonts, etc., will not guarantee you conversions. What matters is what your offering your customers and how good the offer is.

Incentives are also another key part of a successful landing page. Let’s say your business is a dog grooming service. Your landing page should incentivize customers with an irresistible offer and a call-to-action. Nab them with an attention getter like “Save now with %50 off teeth brushing or nail filing when you book an appointment”.

Always keep in mind what you can do different from your competitors, what makes your service unique and how it stands out from every other competitor. If your landing page offers something unique and irresistible, you are much more likely to get people to convert. A strong, well crafted landing page with strong incentives and user experience can grow your business and get the most out of your online marketing campaigns.

While knowing what works is important to making your landing page the best it can be, its just as important to know what doesn’t work so you can avoid these common mistakes. Forgetting to add a call-to-action can be detrimental to your whole page. You may have the best landing page in existence but if there’s no follow through, the traffic doesn’t convert, and you may lose the potential customer.

Also, keep in mind that the simpler the call to action button, the more effective it will be at getting conversions. One other big mistake is failing to establish credibility for your incentives. Your incentive can be amazing, but some customers need to know that your business is worth their money.

Therefore, customer testimonials can go a long way to giving you the credibility your landing page needs. Just a few customer statistics, reviews, or anything of that nature can help your page immensely in converting.

An effective landing page can help grow your business and give your marketing campaign an extra bump. Understanding how to create a good landing page can make the difference between success and failure for your marketing campaign. But keeping your audience in mind, matching the page and the ads, and your incentives will put your business ahead of the competition.



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