Display Ads in 2020

Display ads can be a fun and unique marketing tool for business owners and marketers to take advantage of. The Google Display Network allows for you to create unique ads that are shown when customers search for the keywords that you are using for your Google Ads account. Now, some of you may not even be aware of what display ads are or how to use them. Today, we’ll give you a brief summary of what display ads are, how they work and some quick tips on how to use them effectively as part of your marketing strategy.

What display ads allow your business to do, whether small or large, is for you to promote your products, services, or brands on other websites without being intrusive to the user experience on other sites. These ads are in the form of banners and sidebar displays. Think of them like the digital equivalent of billboards or posters you see every day. This has made it an interesting tool for certain businesses to use depending on the nature of the business, but they can be made to work for most types of businesses as well. Now I’m sure you want to know how to get started with a well-crafted display ad.

1. Keep It Simple

The beauty of display ads is that you don't need to make them super elaborate or complicated. As with many things in life, simple is better. The key here is to have your

imagery, messages, and call-to-actions are as simple and to-the-point as possible. The easier they are to read and comprehend quickly, the better. A simple ad design with the right amount of white space, clear message and purpose is the best way to go.

2. Be Relevant

It's a tried and true rule in digital marketing that you want your ads to be targeted and relevant. Studies have shown that users are more likely to click on ads that they

think is useful and informative to them and their situation. Understanding your target audience is vital here. Make sure that you tailor everything, all aspects of the ad,

to your target audience. Knowing what your audience wants and catering to your ads to that data will go a long way. Some good tips are highlighting sales and show how what

your business or brand is about will have a positive benefit for your target audience.

3. Know Your Brand

Your business or brand is unique to you. Your special identity is what will make you stand out from the competition and the unique things that you offer are what will bring customers to your business or brand. Embracing this mindset and applying them to your ads is very important to creating a good display ad. Sticking with the visual themes of your brand is important across all ads, landing pages, etc. Getting customers to identify your business by a certain look or set of colors helps you stand out. It's a proven fact that customers identify and trust things that are familiar and reliable. Your display ads should have a design that builds that trust. Furthermore, that same consistency creates brand recognition that leads to continuing customer loyalty. A company’s brand should be utilized across every touch point the user encounters and it’s your responsibility to see that through.

4. Optimize Your Landing Page

Landing pages and your display ads should work together to lead customers to your business and generate more profit for your business or brand. Most of the traffic that comes to your website will be the landing page. Try to think of the display ad as the door that opens them to the landing page. Essentially both the ad and the landing page should have the same visual style and consistency and simple nature. Leading from the previous point, it’s all about creating a simple, but catchy ad to reach your target audience.

5. Tracking Your Performance

Tracking the performance of your ad is key to improving your content and generating better ads that lead to more leads. Tracking leads allows you to see which users clicked

on your ad and if they even intended to do anything about it. The information you can gather from leads can help you decide what types of content your audience responds to

best and how to adapt future ads to this data to generate greater amounts of leads. The sooner you start measuring your performance, the better positioned you will be

to adapt to the new traffic and hone your ad creating craft.

Display ads can be a tricky beast to manage. But hopefully, once you understand what they are and take some of these tips into consideration, you’ll be a display ad pro in no time.



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