Content Marketing is Still Important

With the outbreak of COVID-19, it may seem like there is no point to advertising. However, it is when times are slow that you want to keep advertising, not get rid of it completely. One of the best and most cost effective ways to advertise right now is through content marketing. Today’s blog will give you some reasons as to why you should be using content marketing right now.

1. It Helps Your SEO

SEO is a term we use quite often here. When you produce high-quality content consistently, you give Google more opportunities to put your page in front of people who are searching for topics in your niche. This allows for you to be better seen on search engines, greatly benefitting your business.

2. More On-site Content

This is probably an obvious one to mention but it is still worth discussing. Focusing on content in your marketing strategy will naturally lead to your website having more content on it. That means your customers will have more reasons to stick around, more opportunities to become familiar with your brand, and more trust, which will lead to higher conversion rates.

3. More Conversions

One the best benefits content marketing can bring to your business is more conversions over time. Research shows that businesses that invest in content marketing are six times more likely than their competitors to convert traffic. This shows that devoting time and money into content marketing will generate conversions that can lead to increase in sales for your business. It will require a lot of time, money, and resources, but the ROI is more than worth it.

4. Increase in Web Traffic

Consistent content marketing done well will lead to more and more visitors to your website. The more valuable and relevant your content is, the more people that your business caters to will be able to find your website. This in turn leads to the increased likelihood of them coming back for me. The more website traffic and repeat visitors you get, the more your overall website traffic can grow over the long term.

5. Brand Awareness

Giving your brand a voice and letting it be heard should be the driving force behind your content marketing strategy. Creating meaningful and engaging content for your audience is the best way for potential customers to discover who you are. The more information customers have on what your brand is, the more likely they are to engage with it. This is what makes content marketing so important.

6. Higher Brand Authority

A major advantage that investing in content marketing gives you over your competitors is looking like a leading authority in your field. Take for instance, a business that is not currently doing any kind of content marketing, how are customers able to find out information on their products and services? How do they know they can trust that what their offering is the best? By offering detailed content marketing that educates customers on the services your business offers and how it benefits them, you will create the impression of your brand being an authority in the field. People are going to be more receptive to a brand they’ve read about than to one about which they have no prior information.

7. Increased Customer Loyalty

This goes in tandem with the previous point. Crafting a brand image through well-done content marketing leads to brand authority and with this authority, an increase in loyal customers. In the age of social media, digital word of mouth is everything. Customers that engaged and engrained with your business will recommend to the people they know to try out your business. These loyal customers that influence others are a key component to grow your business.

8. It’s Cost Effective

With all this talk of benefits, I’m sure one other concern you may have is the cost of content marketing. Well, have no fear because content marketing can be very affordable. In fact, according to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing even though it generates more than 3 times as many leads. Content marketing is a great alternative to traditional forms of advertising and people appreciate that.

Investing in content marketing is a great tool for growing your business. Its cost effectiveness, coupled with its abilities to create customer loyalty and staying power, give it a unique edge over other forms of marketing. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, researching in content marketing strategies that will mesh with your business’s goals, and KPIs should be your next step. There are tons of customers waiting to find your business in the vast sea of the internet. With content marketing, you can make sure they find you.



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