Another 5 SEO Misconceptions

SEO is a constantly changing practice. Staying on top of it all can seem extremely daunting at times. This, in turn, can lead to a number of misconceptions that spread around and lead to major misunderstandings about SEO. These misconceptions can turn off businesses to the practice. What a shame that is, as SEO is one of the most effective methods of generating new leads and customers to your business. In an attempt to curb some of these misconceptions, we’re going to let you know about another five of them.

1. Quantity is better than quality

One of the big misconceptions surrounding SEO is that the more content you have, the better. This leads to a gigantic influx of content that isn't actually that enticing or engaging. As search engine algorithms evolve, they tend to reward high-quality content more than frequency of content. Therefore, to prepare and execute your content posts, taking the time required to make sure the content in one post is much better than multiple rushed out posts.

2. Content marketing has replaced SEO

This goes in tandem with the previous topic. Because search engines are now rewarding content, many people believe that SEO is actually not that effective anymore. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. In actuality, SEO and content marketing are now shifting to a more symbiotic relationship. The content you make is needed to engage customers while your SEO brings them to the content. As a business you need to not only produce engaging content but also have it optimized so that your consumers can find it, interact with it and find your website.

3. Anyone Can Do the Job

We’ve seen so many people turn down experts’ services because they thought the job of managing SEO was simple enough to do on their own. Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, taking the time to research and find a SEO expert or agency with accreditation will save you so much time and money. They will also have the professional background and experience to guarantee results for your business. Do not be the business owner that just finds someone random on the internet claiming to be an “expert”.

4. All Keywords Generate Good Traffic

Another misconception is that you just need to come up with a list of keywords and all of these will lead to good traffic. What you really need is a specific list of well-researched and strategic keywords that are relevant not only to your business but your customers as well. Another tip is to make sure your keywords have a low-cost per click. The key here is to have a small set of low-cost keywords that are strategically picked for maximum audience reach.

5. Link to the Homepage

Focusing all your link building and optimization efforts on just your homepage is a surefire way to create a SEO disaster. You want to make sure that your diversifying your efforts so that your SEO and optimization efforts are spread throughout your website. This can especially help your pages that are full of deep and engaging content. Furthermore, the more information rich pages will benefit from your focused efforts and aid your website in the search engine ranks.

While there are many misconceptions surrounding SEO, I hope this at least clears some of them. Knowing the myths and avoiding them will aid you in optimizing your SEO so that your website can find continued success in the rankings and for generating new traffic to your site. This in turn can lead to an influx of potential customers that will lead to the growth of your business. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?

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