Another 5 Reasons to Have Your Website Mobile Optimized

The world we live in today is very mobile-orientated. Mobile internet usage accounts for over 49% of total internet usage. That means that a large amount of people are looking at your business’ website through a mobile device. Ensuring that your website is optimized for these devices is crucial to keep up with the completion these days. On top of staying ahead of the curve, there are plenty of reasons to have your website optimized for mobile.

1. Google Likes Mobile-Friendly Sites

One of the major benefits to optimizing your website for mobile users is that Google loves to rank sites that are optimized higher than sites that are not.

In April 2015, the Google algorithm change that occurred tweaked the way that Google displays mobile search results. Therefore, websites that are optimized for mobile rank higher than those who aren't.

2. Mobile World

It’s not secret that we live in a mobile world. We use mobile devices for everything these days. There's a simple explanation as to why this is. It's fast and easy. The instant results that come with mobile devices mean that customers in almost every industry are trying to find what they're looking for and they want to find it fast. If you’re not optimized for mobile, you can’t offer your customers that type of experience.

3. Builds Credibility

In order to keep up with what all the major companies are doing and to give your business a fighting chance, you need to be mobile optimized. In today’s world it will undoubtedly make consumers take your business seriously. Most consumers will avoid websites that are difficult to use mobile-wise or just do not have a mobile experience for their site. By making sure that your website is mobile-friendly, you allow your business to be seen as an expert business in the industry and up-to-date with current trends.

4. Builds Your Reputation

Coinciding with the previous point, Consumers will take note of websites that they have easy, memorable, and engaging experiences with. Your business' reputation is vital to its growth. Most business cannot afford to give people a difficult mobile experience. This can lead to negative reviews, bad word of mouth and many more unpleasant experiences you can avoid by ensuring the mobile optimization of your website.

5. It Is the New Standard

Responsive web design has made mobile optimization more straight forward and accessible to everyone, and that means users have begun to expect this level of functionality to come standard when browsing on their mobile devices. We’re rapidly approaching the point where all businesses need to have mobile-friendly experiences, or they will not survive. By taking care of this for your business now, you can rest assured that you are prepared for when we reach this point.

Preparing your website for the mobile world is absolutely essential in today’s world.

With almost half of the internet’s users searching on their devices, having a non-mobile-friendly site is something you can’t ignore anymore. Not sure if your site is mobile optimized? You can take tests through and . These are the two we would recommend using as they are very beginner friendly and are a good place to start. From there, we recommend contacting your webmaster to make the mobile changes or researching different agencies to see what they offer. Once your website is mobile optimized, you notice a world of difference that will benefit your business.

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