Why PPC is Important for Small Businesses

PPC has become a widely popular marketing tool in recent years. It’s cost-effective nature, flexibility, and the pay-your-way to the top aspect are just some of the reasons why so many marketers and businesses are taking advantage of the power PPC offers. However, there are several small businesses that, for various reasons, aren’t investing in pay-per-click advertising for their business. It’s getting to the point where you can’t afford to not be doing some form of PPC. To help small business owners understand the importance of PPC, we gathered a small list of 5 reasons why PPC is important for small business.

1. It Works Quickly

Now this may sound a bit confusing when compared to our previous blog. What I mean here isn’t the results of the campaign itself but rather how quickly it is to set up your ads compared to traditional marketing.

The biggest advantage that PPC offers over traditional marketing is that you don't have to wait on red tape, wait to check performance, etc. You decide when you're ready to

start. Everything is on your own time. Not only is the set up fast, but the effects begin quickly as well. Users can immediately see your ad and have opportunities to

interact with it. This can all start to happen the moment you begin your campaign.

2. It is Highly Targeted

One aspect of PPC that makes it highly valuable for small business is how highly targeted your campaigns can be. You can create your own specific targeted audiences for your ads. If you’re a local business, you can craft ads that cater to your local area and spread the word through your PPC efforts to reel in more potential leads and customers in the area. This means that only people who potential customers will see your ads. This means that your money won’t be wasted on people who don’t care.

3. It’s Great for Websites That Don’t Rank Well

It's an unfortunate fact that some small businesses don't always rank well on search engines. It's understandable, some business owners aren't internet or website savvy. This

means that the requirements needed to rank high can be lost on them.

This is where PPC can help. PPC ads can help your site jump through the search engine ranks because of all the traffic your ads are causing. This also drastically raises your websites SEO potential.

4. The Results are Measurable

One of the most important aspect of PPC is how you can track the efforts and results of your campaigns. Business owners want to know exactly how the money they spend on advertising is helping them and what exactly it’s doing for the business.

PPC allows you to gather data on how effective your ads were on reaching your target audience, how well your keywords performed, who clicked on what and what they were interested in. And in worst cases, why they lost interest and left your website. Other analytics that are able to be tracked and measured with PPC ads are profitability, click though rates and your ROI.

5.Your Budget is Flexible

Another unfortunate reality of small business is that most do not have a huge marketing budget at their disposal. Because of this and how small the business is, they are reluctant to spend huge amounts of money marketing themselves. With PPC, you can set your own budget for your campaigns. This means that your ads will run until they get clicked on the amount of times that you set your budget for. This leads to a high level of adaptability in your budget. Are you meeting your goals at a rapid pace? Why not keep the momentum going and up your budget to create more ads or keep running your best ones? Conversely, if you're going through a slow month, scale your budget back until the busy season starts up again and then advertise in full force. PPC works for whatever kind of budget you set for it.

PPC has become a mainstay of digital advertising. But just because you don’t have the biggest business or the largest budget, that doesn’t mean that you need to fall by the wayside. PPC allows you to keep up with your competitors and make your business’ name known in the digital world.

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