What to Know About SEO This Year

With the new year already in full swing, it’s time to take a look at SEO is doing this year and how to stay on top of it. Living in the future is the best way to keep up-to-date with SEO, which is constantly evolving and updating. It can seem very daunting to continuously stay with these changing times. However, we have some insights into what to watch out for when it comes to SEO this year. Here are a few things to be aware of this year as far as SEO trends and tactics are concerned.

One of the big things that SEO experts are taking note of this year is the debate on whether or not keywords are going to continue to play as important a role as they have in past years.

The relevancy of keywords and how they play into SEO will change the way search engines show results. The shift seems to be going towards user search intent.

Google may not be showing results just based on keywords anymore, rather the results will take the intent of the search into consideration. In other words, Google wants to show exactly what the user is searching for. The user intent of keywords will become more important as the year moves along.

As we move further along in the mobile age, optimizing your SEO will be more vital now this year than it ever has been before. It's no secret that people are utilizing their phones more and more each year. One facet of SEO in 2019 will center around understanding mobile users and their search habits. In other words, understanding how these habits differ from desktop users.

Mobile optimization is critical when you’re getting started with SEO. Start by testing your site’s performance and load speed across all devices.

Keeping with the theme of living in the future, voice search will start to become more relevant this year, according to SEO experts. According to Comscore, 40% of adults now use voice search at least once per day. To optimize your site for voice search, bear in mind that, when users do that type of search, they use direct questions.

The need and want for definite answers from Google is going to dominate the user mindset moving forward this year. Something most experts are noticing lately is that voice searches are getting longer and more conversational.

In order to optimize for this, it is important to know that users tend to ask direct questions when using voice search. Therefore, increase your efforts on exact search terms and longer keywords that prove to be beneficial when it comes to appearing on the first page on search engines.

We tend to talk a lot about video marketing and content here, but it is truly moving to be one of the major players of digital marketing as the year goes on. The big thing is that video content will surpass all other content forms with consumption exceeding 85%.

So, ensuring that your site is optimized for video will be absolutely vital in your SEO efforts in 2019. Things to take into consideration when optimizing your video content include developing relevant video names, using precise keywords to place your videos on higher search engine ranks, and making sure that your video and channel descriptions are relevant and precise is important as well.

This one may seem a bit redundant given the nature of this blog but being aware of the latest SEO updates is vital to your success. The best starting tip here is to educate yourself on how ranking factors affect how you handle your SEO. Understanding everything from the relevance and strategy of your keywords, to site loading speed, backlinks and more all have a hand to play in affecting your SEO tactics.

Social media continues to dominate our lives. So, it stands to reason that it affects your business's online presence and authority. Google has recently started to integrate social results to search answers to give off a more holistic online presence.

It's good to be aware that these days your SEO is not limited to search results anymore. In turn, various social networks are utilizing their own search engines so that users can use their platforms to answer their questions.

Great examples of this are YouTube and Pinterest in terms of visual search engines. Facebook and Twitter have become vital for finding relevant information on current events, people, and news.

The link between SEO and social media is going to become more relevant this year than it ever has been before. Therefore, it's useful to know all the different ways the user can find your content on various platforms.

SEO is constantly changing and evolving. But these areas are where most experts are agreeing to concentrate your SEO efforts this year. This year will continue to see more changes and we will continue to keep you all aware of what these breaking updates are. When it comes to SEO, looking to the future and thinking of how the user searches is vital to refining your efforts. So, take these factors we discussed here into consideration when reconcentrating your SEO strategies for this year.

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