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Google AdWords has become a widely popular method of advertising for many businesses. Being able to systemically target your customers through keywords, and how customizable it is makes it very appealing for obvious reasons. In July of this year, Google launched a beta for a new service that could change the way advertising is done. This is the beta for Google Responsive Ads.

Responsive search ads let you create an ad that adapts to show more text and more relevant messages to your customers. Entering multiple headlines and descriptions when making your ads and Google Ads automatically tests the various combinations and learns which ones work best. This allows your headlines and descriptions to constantly be tailored to what your customers are typing when they are searching for products.

This is a response to the increasing demand for more automation when it comes to PPC advertising. It makes a deal of sense when you think about it. Constantly monitoring and keeping track of your AdWords can be a hassle if you’re bogged down with other responsibilities. Other business owners sometimes make mistakes when managing on their own and it creates frustrations that can lead to them abandoning the platform.

This is where the benefits of Responsive Ads come into play. Utilizing Responsive Ads will allow you to do several things including, creating flexible ads, saving time, reach more potential customers, and increase ad group performance.

When it comes to creating flexible ads, this new ad format shows a great deal of promise. Responsive Ads allows for ads that adapt to device widths, giving you more room to share your message with potential customers. These new ad units will allow advertisers to input up to 15 different headlines and 4 descriptions. Google will then test and run all possible combinations to create the best performing configuration. This allows for a high degree of customization with your ads and the flexibility to deliver more targeted messages to potential customers.

Spending time constantly testing, and monitoring AdWords can eat up a whole valuable chunk of time that business owners and marketers can use elsewhere. These new ads will save an astonishing amount of time due to its level of automation. No more time spent on testing various combinations, the algorithm takes care of that for you. This will allow for more time to be available to spend on other aspects of your business that AdWords kept eating up.

Responsive Ads will also give your ads the competitive edge that they need to reach more potential customers. By using multiple combinations of headlines and descriptions, your ads will have the opportunity to compete in more auctions. This will help your message reach more customers by showing up for more searches. Furthermore, this gives your ads a potential higher amount of visibility than the standard ads being used today. Competitive edge is important when it comes to advertising your business online and Responsive Ads is the sharpest edge you can have.

Gathering enough clicks and conversions to make your ad groups stand out and appear more frequently can be a bit difficult these days. Because AdWords is such a highly popular platform, more and more business are competing to get their ads noticed. Responsive Ads will allow your ads to reel in the clicks and conversions that your current ads aren’t able to catch. This in turn helps your ads to compete in more auctions.

The feature is still in beta testing for certain advertisers but will become available to all Google advertisers over the coming months. While the Responsive Ads are still in beta, we feel that they have the potential to take PPC advertising to a whole new level. The ability to have a catalogue of adaptable, and flexible ads, coupled with the time they will save everyone will make them a lucrative investment for any business. We will continue to monitor the developments on Responsive Ads but so far it looks like a promising beginning.

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