5 Digital Marketing Misconceptions

Digital marketing is a relative newcomer in the marketing scene. Businesses are looking for alternative advertising methods rather than stick with the traditional channels. However, there seems to be a few misconceptions surrounding digital marketing. Understanding what these misconceptions are will give you a clearer understanding if you decide to invest in digital marketing and avoiding them can save you a lot of headaches. Here are 5 common digital marketing misconceptions.

1. It Isn’t Effective

There are some business owners out there who don’t think that digital marketing works. This couldn’t be further than the truth. Last year, digital marketing generated 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing but cost 62% less. With the internet being a part of our everyday lives, awesome online presence will grow your business and give you a leg up on your competitor.

2. Anyone Can Do the Job

We’ve seen so many people turn down experts’ services because they thought the job of a digital marketer was simple enough to on their own. Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, taking the time to research and find a digital marketing expert or agency with accreditation will save you so much time and money. They will also have the professional background and experience to guarantee results for your business. Do not be the business owner that just finds someone random on the internet claiming to be an “expert”.

3. Digital Marketing is Only for Small Businesses

Contrary to what many small business owners believe, digital marketing is not just for large businesses with a large marketing and operational budget. Today, digital marketing has a wide variety of tactics and tools available that are able to make small business owners compete with the larger competition. It is now easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to start their own digital marketing campaigns. So, don’t be intimated at the thought of competing with larger businesses. Digital marketing will allow you to carve your own path.

4. Digital Marketing is the Same as Social Media

Social media is only a piece of the puzzle. There are many different aspects of digital marketing. Some businesses won’t even need to utilize all social media platforms for their marketing strategies. Some of these different aspects are SEO, content creation, etc. While social media is a vital and important facet of digital marketing, it’s not as simple as a simple social media post.

5. Creating a Website is Enough

This is probably one of the most common and frustrating misconceptions. Many business owners believe that simply putting up a website is enough to make a strong online presence and have flocks of potential customers visiting their pages. You need more than just a website in order for your online presence to stand out. Some things to ensure this are making sure your website’s SEO is optimized, running advertising for your website, blogs. There is no shortage of things to do for your business’ online presence once the website is up and running. Creating the website is merely just the first step.

Clearing up these misconceptions will allow you to make smarter decisions when starting up your digital marketing. All too often, these misunderstandings can shape a business owner’s perception of digital marketing in a negative way. Ensuring that business owners’ expectations are checked when beginning their digital marketing journey will benefit all parties involved and generate more enthusiasm for the industry. After all, in the digital age, digital marketing will soon be the main form of marketing for businesses.



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