Google to Change SSL Settings and Why This Matters to You

Google has always been one of the golden standards for web browsers. Google Chrome was reported to have over 2 billion users in 2016. That’s over half of the internet using population. That means that plenty of us are users of Google Chrome. Out of us, there’s probably a large number of customers who access your business’s website using Chrome.

Website security is one thing that most business owners would assume their webmaster takes care of when initially building their website. Alarmingly, this isn’t the case. A report by Google in 2017 showed that half of the 100 websites surveyed did not have SSL certifications. This means that these websites are not secured. Now a new update this month is coming out for Google Chrome that will make it more obvious for users to see which sites are secured and which ones are not. Website security may be something you wish to look into as the coming update shows that it will be important now more than ever.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a certification that proves your website is running a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication. Essentially, it ensures that data transmitted between the server and the browser remains safe and encrypted.

Google Chrome’s big change in displaying these certificates comes with update 70, which is scheduled to release on October 16th. This will matter a great deal to business owners because after this update, any website that is still not secured or using older forms of security will now show a warning to the user about a non-private connection. This will take the form of the websites address bar saying not secure on the left corner of the bar and flashing red when you try to enter in information. This could potentially mean that if your website is unsecured, customers will see that unsecured warning and exit your site immediately. The could also take their business to other businesses that have their websites secured. It won’t be long after the update rolls out that more and more browsers and platforms will start cracking down on security as well. Google just has the earliest known date for the crackdown.

The push for https security is becoming more aggressive now than it ever has been. Soon it will get to the point where 100% of all websites are secured. As always, Google is leading the way to making this a reality. The best advice we can give right now is to take care of your security issues before the update drops. Find out if your website is secured and if not contact your webmaster immediately so that they can get your SSL certificate as soon as possible. Taking care of it now ensures that when other platforms and browsers roll out their security updates, you will already have the certification in place.

Every website, no matter the nature of it or the business should have their websites secured. As stated earlier, secured sites are rapidly becoming the standard. As soon as your website is secured, that’s one less headache to worry about. And after all, isn’t peace of mind when it comes to security what we all want?

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