6 Benefits of PPC Advertising For Dental Practices

Here at Anytime Digital Marketing, we believe that one of the best strategies for a business to generate call leads is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising. This digital marketing strategy can be done on different platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. In the next few weeks we will discuss different categories in detail that benefit most from PPC advertising. We will begin with healthcare, particularly dentists. Dentists are usually seeking new patient acquisition and repeat regular visits. Prospective patients are researching many different dentist options online, which means your competitors could be receiving these leads if your internet marketing is not up to par. If your a brand new practice, or have been around for awhile, it’s critical that your dental practice website is visible in Google.

Benefits of PPC Advertising For A Dental Practice:

Google AdWords is a great place to begin with your PPC advertising. The platform allows you to buy your way to the top of the page on relevant keywords based on your AdWords bidding. The difference between ranking through organically (SEO) and ranking with PPC is that your ad listing will appear quickly and visible on the search engine results page for the keyword you are paying for.

If your dental website has not been updated in a long time, especially if it is not mobile friendly, it will be difficult for it to appear in the organic listings on Google. A website that is user friendly and filled with relative content will have a large advantage over yours. Utilizing Google AdWords will help your prospective patients find you quickly with your new website and/or practice. However, there are several points to follow in getting your ads to show up on particular search results. Depending on the amount you're willing to spend on a given keyword, and the quality score of your ad will be the ultimate factor on the prospect's search.

A main benefit for dental PPC advertising is that you can prospects to your website very rapidly. When your campaign is activated, your ad will show up when a potential patient is seeking your services and needs immediate attention.

Here are 5 additional benefits for dental PPC advertising.

Branding Your Dental Practice:

The higher your dental website shows up on search engines, the more visibility you gain with your practice. This builds branding and marketing with your potential new patients. Repetition is key in branding, and when your website and practice name continues to show up in search results, this entices prospects to contact you when they are seeking your services. There may be occasions when your listing may also appear in the local maps section of the search.

Google AdWords will also enhance your listing in addition to the organic search result, because it will show up multiple times on the page giving it more visibility.

New Dental Patient Acquisition:

Reaching the top pages on Google organically may take awhile even with good optimization. Remember there are many competitors in the dental category all vying for that top spot. Your PPC advertising campaign can provide instant results for your practice. This can be done by precise targeting options in your campaign. When a prospective patient is searching for a term like "dentist near me" or "dental implants dentist in (city)", you will be able to reach qualified prospects searching for your services instantly.

Dental PPC advertising can also attract patients from neighboring areas in the designated city. You can setup your campaign to target areas by zip codes, surrounding cities, and miles from the location of your practice.

Running Promotions:

Another benefit from a dental PPC campaign is running promotions for your prospective patients to view. If you have done direct mail in the past offering free cleanings, braces specials or other services, you can create your ad specifically to the campaign you are offering. Your ad copy will be directed to a landing page with the specific promotion. A well crafted landing page with a quick contact form, or even a lead generating call tracker can bring enormous results to your practice when running a special promotion.

Pay Per Click & Control of Advertising Budget Costs:

Since you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, this allows you to know exactly where your dollars are going. This is different than traditional advertising offline like direct mail, radio, or newspapers where you spend a certain amount of dollars, and keep your fingers crossed that your target market actually engages with the ad.

PPC advertising allows you to set the budget to your needs on your campaign. You can put a cap on your campaign's daily spend, and it’s flexible to change at any time. You are also given the option of automatic or manual bidding, which allows how much you would like to spend per keyword based on the going rate of the specific keyword.

PPC Data Testing:

PPC also gives you the opportunity to optimize your search engine efforts quicker by learning if a particular keyword or set of keywords is converting well. The minute your campaign is launched, you will receive instant data on how well they are performing. You can see how much you are paying per click, how well your ads are converting, and more. With this data, you can ensure that your ads are operating at key levels. You can also test your ads with PPC in order to create demand with your offers, and get an early look at how well your new marketing campaign will perform.

If you're planning to create your campaigns on your own, it is imperitive to understand how to manage your campaigns successfully. Many business owners tend to spend more per click than necessary. Optimizing your campaigns properly on a continual basis takes a considerable amount of time, and patience. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could run through your budget rapidly, without much result and ROI losses.

If this is the first time you have considered running a PPC campaign for your dental practice, or if you're getting to ready to launch an opening for your new practice, it's important to factor your expectations on the goals you are seeking to achieve. There are many considerations to a campaign. If you're looking for quick major growth, then a daily budget for a few clicks will not give you result you are anticipating. Therefore, you may consider delegating your PPC management to a specialist. Finding the right fit for this position could be in the form of a digital marketing agency, or a certified specialist. You will want to do research by asking the appropriate questions to determine their experience. A relationship with a Google certified PPC digital marketing agency will make a huge difference, and keep your stress levels low. This will allow you to focus on running your dental practice, and building that patient list effectively. For additional questions to learn more about how Google AdWords and PPC marketing can help your practice, feel free to contact us.

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