4 Starter Tips On Creating A YouTube Channel For Your Business

Have you considered starting a YouTube channel for your business but feel a bit intimidated? It is something to definitely consider if you have not done so yet. Did you know that YouTube has 1 billion users across 88 different countries, YouTube ranks the second highest web traffic of any site in the world, and just about every age demographic is represented in the 30 million daily unique users. If you are ready to try your hand at YouTube marketing, now is a great time to begin. Starting your channel takes about 30 minutes if you already have a Google account and high-resolution artwork.. It is now about creating quality content, and using these tips to get views and subscribers to your channel.

Creating Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is owned by Google, so you would need a Google account to start your channel. Create a Google account or log in to your existing account. Then, update your Google profile image with your company logo. This will be your YouTube profile picture as well. Then head over to YouTube and sign in using your Google account, and click:

  1. Your profile icon (located in the upper right corner of screen)

  2. My channel

  3. Create a Username, or just use your business name

You will then be taken to the Brand Account page. Follow the series of quick questions requesting your business name and a few details, and then have your channel verified. Do not skip this section as a verified account has access to essential features needed to grow your channel.

Your channel art will show as a banner at the top of your YouTube page. You can use it to brand your channel's identity and give your page a unique look and feel. Use the guidelines and examples below to set up your design. Keep in mind that channel art looks different on desktop, mobile, and TV displays.

Optimizing Your YouTube Channel for Success

Start coming up with some creative video ideas, and then produce and edit a few of them so you have content ready to upload over the next weeks or months. Also, take advantage of YouTube’s Creator Academy https://creatoracademy.youtube.com. YouTube offers a set of courses and instructional videos for new creators. Also, be sure to keep search engine optimization in mind when creating videos. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, and each video’s title, description and tags directly affect view counts.

Also be sure to add descriptions to your videos. Outline the main subject of the content included in the video to a brief one or two sentences, then add a link to your business website, and associated social media accounts. If you’re featuring a product in the video, make sure to include a link to the product page as well.

Consistency is Key

It is recommended to add at minimum 2 uploads per month; as you get more comfortable, increase to weekly uploads. The key is to have a schedule. Viewers are more likely to subscribe when they see a channel that uploads regularly, and when to expect new content. With a well-managed channel, quality content and consistent uploads, your subscriber count will begin to grow over time. But as with all social media platforms, you need to engage with the site and your viewers to build a following.

Social Media Marketing

Be sure to include your updates on other social media platforms you may be using. Schedule Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram posts to go out every time a new video goes live. But don’t forget to add YouTube icons and links to your social accounts and website. Also, be sure to engage with your subscribers by liking viewers’ comments on your videos, answering questions and thanking them.

In Conclusion

Creating a YouTube channel for your business is not difficult, and it will bring you new branding opportunities for your business. YouTube subscribers want helpful, interesting videos to learn more about your business. Give them that and your channel has the best chance for growth. Plan to work and be consistent with the channel for a minimum of 6 months before you start getting significant traction. You will learn as you grow and go.


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