5 Ways To Revamp Your Paid Ads (PPC) That Are Not Performing

If you're not seeing the results from your paid ads, it's time to rethink your strategy moving forward. Continuing to pay for clicks that do not convert is a waste of time and money. Here are 5 ways to turn non-working paid ads into effective lead generators.

1. Creating A Strategy - A strategy is a road map to a goal. It doesn't have to be very specific. An example of this would be if you would like to increase your sales by 50% with PPC advertising, that would be considered a strategy. You must know what you are looking to accomplish and gain with your PPC campaign before getting started.

2. Setting The Goals - Making sure a goal is achievable is an important step for success with PPC ads. Increasing your number by a certain percentage might be achievable, or maybe not. By being realistic and evaluating your current position with your ads, you are able to pick an attainable goal within the realm of possibility and your budget.

3. Finding The Holes In The Campaign - If you're running PPC campaigns that are not currently working, then the next step is to identify the areas affecting the campaign. Are your ads worded persuasively? Are you targeting the wrong keywords? Negative keywords? Have you researched your competition? Are you re-targeting? These are just some of the few questions you need to ask yourself in order to revamp your strategy.

Some examples of these strategies include:

  • Re-doing keyword research and planning

  • Identifying competitors and the keywords they use

  • Evaluating the wording in your ads

  • Setting up effective re-targeting

This may seem like a lot to cover, but this needs to be done in order to receive better results from your PPC campaigns.

4. Double Up On Keywords - If your website is already ranking high on a search engine results page on certain keywords, this tactic can help even more. Make note of the content with the highest ranking, and review their keywords. Then create compelling PPC ads that have the same keywords.

By using this method, it will allow your page to continue to appear near the top of the search engine results page, however you will also appear at the top of the page!

5. Retarget Over And Over - By re-targeting, you must first identify which actions you are going to re-target your visitors with. If people bounce away from your landing page after clicking on your ad, you must re-target them with a fresh message and a different value proposition. You may also re-target someone who begins to fill out your opt-in contact form, but doesn't complete it, to remind them of the benefits the will receive when they sign up. Finally, for those who have opted all the way, but have not become customers yet, you may want to re-target in the form of a coupon or discount to seal the deal. Your re-targeted ads should not reuse the same content that's on your website. Visitors have seen them and it didn't work. Make sure that your re-targeted ads off something new for them.

In conclusion, if your paid ads (PPC ads) are not performing well, do not wait around by continuing to spend money and time over and over. After all, repeating something over and over with no results is technically the definition of insanity. These 5 methods provided can help you get the targeted, pre-qualified traffic you need to succeed.

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