The Top 5 Social Media Advertising Platforms That Bring Results

If you've been looking for more cost effective forms of advertising available today for your business, then social media advertising will work for you. Social media advertising allows you to have consistent traffic coming in from the first day you run an ad. There are many new social media channels that come out every week, but many of them will not receive any traction. Currently there are 5 social channels where you can follow proven ad strategy methods. Whichever channel you select will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your campaigns.

Here are the top 5 social media advertising platforms we feel are most effective with advertising campaigns.

1. Facebook Ads - Facebook is the largest social media network in the world! With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook's strongest advertising point is lead generation. If you're looking to drive traffic to your site, build an email list, and specifically target your customers, Facebook will deliver this at sometimes under $1 per lead.

The most popular way to convert Facebook users is by running an ad directly to a landing page with a compelling offer. Pricing on Facebook varies on the audience targeted, and the budget you will set for your advertising campaign. As your campaigns grow with Facebook's algorithms, you ad performance will increase over time.

2. Instagram Advertising - This channel was acquired by Facebook and has quickly become one the highest audience engaging platforms in social media. Instagram is a very visual driven platform that consists of videos and images. The platform is very popular with a younger audience, and tends to do well with female users.

When you advertise on Instagram, you can direct a link to a landing page for direct engagement. Instagram's pricing is similar to Facebook ads, and you can set up your ad campaigns in Facebook's ad manager. This is convenient when running ads on both platforms. Some recommended advertising factors on Instagram includes focusing on a custom audience that has engaged with your brand before. Also be sure to use custom images of people in your ads. Stock photo does not work well on Instagram. Also like Facebook, you should have a compelling offer to create impulse buying, and don't forget to include hashtags on your posts.

3. Twitter Ads - Twitter is another popular platform with over 330 million monthly users. Twitter does best with organic engagement. This social media platform does very well with E-Commerce sites as it can primarily drive brand awareness, and promote products and sale campaigns. Twitter is actually a bit underutilized for advertising.

Some examples of Twitter campaigns include promoted accounts, promoted tweets, and promoted trends. When you create an ad campaign on Twitter, always be sure to use a relevant, compelling image that draws attention. Also you must be very targeted on what you choose to promote.

4. LinkedIn Advertising - LinkedIn Advertising is the platform to use when creating effective B2B marketing campaigns. There are 227 million monthly active users on LinkedIn. This platform will help you find qualified business leads in particular certain industries. Service businesses and B2B product businesses achieve great success with this channel.

A LinkedIn ad can be setup in 3 different methods. You can advertise by sponsoring your content, sponsored in-mail, and text ads. By targeting company, size of company, job titles, location, education, and other factors, your B2B campaign can be very effective. LinkedIn ads should focus on professional challenges that can help you target the right respondents. Your ad copy should be shorter than the other platforms to receive the best results from this channel.

5. Pinterest Advertising - Pinterest is another visual platform similar to Instagram but highly targeted towards women. It is an active platform with 175 million monthly users. Pinterest works well with E-Commerce type sales. Engagement is high with images that are built around the product. By utilizing their promoted pins feature, they tend to blend in well within the platform. These ads are highly visible to those who are searching or browsing keywords that are associated with your product or brand.

Effective tactics on Pinterest advertising include using creativity on your ads. You must stand out to grab the users attention since they are scrolling through hundreds of pins. Also, be sure to engage with your followers to expand your current audience, and increase new followers. Make sure you are very detailed in your pin descriptions with keywords and hashtags that are relevant.

In conclusion, these are currently the top 5 social media advertising platforms that can increase your business dramatically when done correctly. There are a few ways for you to manage your social media advertising campaigns either by running your ads manually, using an automated service, or by hiring a digital marketing agency. By hiring an agency, you can expect the most success since you can expedite the guesswork that comes with doing it manually. Social media advertising can be tricky with setting features that detriment a campaign when not set properly. A digital marketing agency can also provide you with the correct analytics and insights within these platforms. If you have the desire to increase your business by driving new sales, generating leads, and creating brand awareness, then hiring a digital marketing agency will bring you the measurable results you are seeking.

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