10 Features That Local Business Websites Must Include

When it comes to creating or redesigning a new website for your local business, hiring a web design company is a good move to have it done for you. Most small business owners have limited knowledge with website design and features. An effective web design can create sales, find new leads, and reach goal conversions. Whereas a poorly designed site can cause the opposite.

As a local business owner, you should have some basic knowledge and key points of what your website should include based on your business needs. Here are 10 main features with their components that should be considered when creating your new site.

  • Home Page - The home page is generally the first item your website visitors see. Therefore, it should include these very important features. Your company logo should be placed on the header of your site for identification. The company's phone number is very important for local business websites. We would also recommend adding a live chat functionality. Your main menu is also important. For a local business, the main navigation should contain all the pages of your website including home, about, services/products, blog and the contact page. Other key features on the home page should include a heading which represents your business by using a few words in a creative way. A banner image is a visual way to communicate with visitors to the website. The image should give the viewers a sense of what your business is about. A call to action button which encourage visitors to act to get in touch or contact you.

  • Footer - The footer is located at the bottom of the page and is seen throughout the entire site. It usually includes your contact information, links to your social media pages, a newsletter sign-up form, and a menu that generally contains links to the main pages, which allows the customer to navigate the website after strolling through the content on the page from top to bottom.

  • Services/Products Page - A service/products page focuses on specific products or services that your business offers. Focus on categorizing your service into a number of smaller services that are contained within it, and create pages for this under the main service page. You may also include a photo gallery that presents your previous projects.

  • Location Page - This page should include a map that shows the location of your office or store. This makes it easier for customers to get a sense of where something is when looking at a map rather than just an address, and with Google Maps, this can be easily added to your website.

  • Contact Page - This page should include your business address and hours. People will visit your site just to know your business address.

  • About Us Page - This is a place to tell your business story. You can be a bit creative here but be sure to include important information; your company history, awards, photos, press releases, etc.

  • Privacy Policy Page - No one really reads a privacy policy page, but it’s important to include it can help to build trust and sets you up as a genuine business in visitors’ eyes. As a business, your site receives a lot of information from your customers, and this page needs to clearly explain how this data is used.

  • Frequently Asked Questions Page - You will find out there are some common questions that every customer asks in regards to your business. The FAQ page contains the answers to these questions, and can help save time for both you and your customer.

  • Blogs - The blog page contains a couple of different features including a sidebar that shows the most popular or recent posts for easy navigation for the visitor. someone wants to share one of your blog posts, you want to make it as easy as possible. Social media share buttons will enable this with a simple click. And finally, a comments area to engage in conversations with your readers to help build a closer relationship with them.

  • Mobile Version - This is a no-brainer! If a website is not mobile responsive it won’t survive. More and more people are accessing the net through their mobile devices. A business site that doesn’t show up properly on screens of all sizes will suffer an uphill battle.

In conclusion, these are just some of the most vital basic features for a small local business website. We hope this will help you understand the elements that make your website more user-friendly as well as loved by search engines.

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