6 Strategic Tips For Running Successful Retargeting Ad Campaigns

If your website is currently receiving high traffic volume, then retargeting (also known as remarketing), is a valuable tool you should be utilizing. Retargeting happens when you tag your website pages to give cookies to your site's visitors. These visitors can be targeted with specific ads based on their actions on your site. The ads then follow them around with an advertising network on the internet.

Here are 6 important strategy tips you should consider when starting and tweaking your retargeting ad campaigns.

1. Find the right retargeting platform that fills your campaign's needs - By selecting the right platform and tools, you can create a successful ad campaign that can be well tracked and executed. Some of these platforms in the market include:

  • Adroll

  • Retargeter

  • Perfect Audience

  • Chango

  • Google Remarketing

  • Vizary

2. Avoiding ad overflow - Even though retargeting gives you the power to follow your visitors around the internet, do it in moderation and DO NOT stalk them. Displaying your ads too often will result in campaign decrease, and target audience burnout of the ads. Most platforms will allow you to cap the number of times your ad will be served to the visitors.

3. Promote content based on the pages people have visited on your site - By creating a retargeting list for those who visit certain pages, you can ensure you're delivering relevant content to the right audience. This will improve the ROI of the retargeting campaign.

4. Target people who open your emails - By placing a retargeting pixel into the HTML or signature of your email, you can target people who open your emails. This is very effective as you are targeting people who were interested in the email you sent them. Some companies have actually increased conversions by 200% utilizing email retargeting.

5. Rotate creative - Running the same set of ads for many months will result in a lower performance campaign. By rotating you ad creative every few months, you can avoid decreasing campaign performance. Also by creating simple A/B tests for measuring results, you will be able to determine the data you will need to run a high performance ad campaign.

6. Diversify the ad sizes - Creating ads in all possible sizes on the platform you are using will make sure the ad shows up on every possible site within the advertising network. This helps increase your reach and awareness for visitors to see your ad on the sites they visit.

When properly executed, retargeting can be a very powerful tool for marketing. By following these tips when running your campaign, you can ensure some higher returns and success.

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