Facebook Changes To The Business Pages

So I was updating some things on our newly revamped Facebook page when all of a sudden I refreshed the page, and there it was the brand new layout for business pages. You may want to start getting familiar with this new adjustment. It's actually a much cleaner look and easy to find lots of items in detail when you are reading the page.

Here are some of the updates I immediately noticed:

1. Your cover photo is now a full picture on the page. 2. Your Logo has now moved to the top left hand column. 3. The tabs that were under the cover photo are also now listed on the left hand side of the page with more tabs added. 4. The like, message, and share buttons have been moved. 5. The call-to-action button on the page is now a large blue button below your cover photo. 6. The search bar lets you search posts from your page. 7. The about section, photos, and reviews all appear on the right hand side of the page.

Some of these changes can mean that you must revisit your page soon if your cover photo may not be up to standards. Some of these photos could look blurry or pixelated since they are now somewhat enlarged. As you know,

Facebook is the market leader when it comes to social media platforms. Staying on top of these changes keeps your brand relevant and moving forward to make sure your business page looks up to date, clean and concise.



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