Make Sure Your Website Is Working For You; Not Against You!

Here it is the start of a new month and yet your just not hitting your sales goals that you were hoping for when the month started last time. You may think you didn't advertise enough, or posted enough things on Facebook. But did you ever come to think that maybe your website is actually scaring some people off.

Here are some reasons your website may be playing against you when it comes to hitting your sales goals.

1. No updates or revamps - After a while, if you're not moving things around a bit on your website, your audience might start getting tired of looking at the same thing over and over. I've seen so many websites that have not been touched sometimes even for years when you scroll to the bottom and see when it was created. In the fast pace environment we live in these days, so much new information is being created in just about any industry that should be addressed in your business website. A website that doesn't change can lead people to believe you may be out of business.

2. Your website is slow - Face it, in today's society everyone wants everything very quickly. If a website takes too long to load, the user will lose patience and move on to the next best thing. Try keeping your website at a 1-2 second loading time.

3. MUST be mobile friendly - This is something that should have been done about 2 years ago when Google announced they would be penalizing website listings that were not mobile friendly. Just about everyone has a smart phone. Your website should be easy to access on the small screen or your website traffic will be lost almost instantly.

4. Outdated designs and whatnot - Websites should be formatted in a modern feel. Avoid ad cluttering, flash, and just about anything else that makes it seem old-fashioned. There is just way too much competition out there with new techology and features on websites that will leave you way behind in the race.

5. Keeping your marketing strategy fresh - When it comes to marketing your website, you think SEO (search engine optimization), or SEM (search engine marketing). With SEO, you are looking to rank your website organically. When Google decides to change their algorithms (which is sometimes frequently), this can drop your website in the search results if you never make any changes to it. If you're looking to do SEM, Google AdWords is a popular choice. More and more companies are now creating separate landing pages that can be a shortcut of the main website. These landing pages may include video, free offers, and a lead capturing contact form.

The presentation of your website can make or break your business if you're not careful. The good news is that these website changes can be done fairly easy. These processes can include updating content, blogs, and news about your industry. Changing graphics on the website to make it currently relevant. Get rid of slow moving plug-ins and content by revamping the site. Make sure your website is mobile friendly (a no-brainer), and also keep your marketing efforts updated, connect tools for tracking purposes, and your campaigns fresh to tie in your website.

Once you have performed these changes, make sure you let everyone know on your social media channels of the changes so they may come and visit the new experience of your site. Always listen to people's feedback and suggestions. One of Google's main source of ranking websites is to make sure the website has a user friendly experience.

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